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We ordered two machines (almond sheller machine and shell kernel separator machine) to Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co Ltd and we agreed and paid to have them here in malaga. We paid the machines and the shipping/delivery costs in advance (3100 euros).The buyer assured that everything was paid.

The machines arrived in Barcelona, not to Malaga. Joanna (the contact person from the Chinese company) told us to pay the vat and the customs and the shipping costs to have them here in Malaga. we paid the customs ,vat.We told here that we have already paid the shipping costs in the money we paid to them in advance(3100 euros) as it says in the invoice.They insisted we have to pay the costs to get the machines out of the port. We decided to pay the manipulation costs (Custom,VAT and manipulation costs=1435,35 euro) that were supposed to be included in the price we paid. The supplier did not want to pay for the manipulation costs needed to get the machines as agreed to our city,Malaga, and they obliged us to pay. That took 2 months negotiations and now because of that the port agent is asking us to pay 2620,20 euros to have the machine delivered here in Malaga. The supplier said it is our problem and does not want to pay to make the machines arrive . We have lost time and the production is stopped because the machines are not here.So the supplier sold us two machines and a shipping service and made us paid in advance and when the machines arrives they do not keep their words.

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Zhengzhou Shuliy Machinery Co Ltd
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