Zhengzhou Flyhigh Commercial Co., Ltd

Zhengzhou Flyhigh Commercial Co., Ltd,Chinese Chemical Fraud and China Chemical Scams.Initially, I sent out many emails in order to check with different suppliers for the product that I needed: Poly Aluminium Chloride. Then, they contacted me through this email: bltsales01@163.com (which I will refer to as The Boss from now on), who directed me to another email: bltsales5@163.com (Leo) so we could negotiate.
They offered a good price so we initially agree, and we signed the Proforma Invoice and transferred them 30% T/T in advance as negotiated with the bank telex and everything. They even confirmed that they received the money.
And then a short period after, they mailed us saying they had increased the price (by more than 10%) and when we did not agree to it and ask for our money back, Leo told me that The Boss wouldn’t agree with the refund and wanted to ‘build business’ this way, also conveniently telling us he would be resigning, then proceeded to ignore all our emails.
So we got scared and told them we accepted their offer so we can at least make it out with our money, but then they completely ignored our emails and phone calls and we have not seen the shipment or our money ever since.
We even have some contacts in China phoning them but as soon as they hear our company’s name they hang up immediately and won’t pick up the phone after.
After some digging around, I found out that another company name ‘Henan Bright Commercial Co Ltd ’ has the exact same address, contact and the manager is also The Boss mentioned above so I will be reporting this company as well as I think they are the same company.

Company: Zheng Zhou Flyhigh Commercial Co.,Ltd.
Phone: 0086-13598866319
whatsapp: 008613203734935

Add: Room,103, No.39, Jiangxi Road,Shinan District, Qingdao, Shandong

Shanghai Lafe Chemical Industrial Group Co.,Ltd
Xingta town, Jinshan District,Shanghai,Shanghai,China

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Zhengzhou Flyhigh Commercial Co., Ltd
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