Zhengzhou Allis Chemical Co.,Ltd

Zhengzhou Allis Chemical Co.,Ltd,this China scam company cheated us 36000$,Be carefull Henan Fake and Zhengzhou fraud company,Chinese Chemical Frauds,Bad Chemical Supplier,China chemical Scammers.

I had make a rfq on alibaba,received a lot of quotation about Caustic Soda,caustic soda from China,Sodium hydroxide,then I made a sort out , removed very high price and very low prices , kept only supplier with reasonable price .
After long time I chooses Zhengzhou Allis Chemical Co Ltd, they asked for 30% payment and 70% angriest BL copy .
She said they can discount a bite if pay 50% which I did .
Then she said after receiving payment they will I form production department. Was waiting and asking everyday , after around 1 month she said the goods are ready to export.
She did The shipment but she didn’t say , i asked as usual and she said that shipping done already 2 days ago .
It had some mistake of the bl , and requested 200$ more for amend the paper . I have done this payment . Also done the remaining 50% in Oder to receive the original paper.
To amend the paper they took around 10 days .
After long marathon with this paper history finally we received them , we paid fees for delay in port .
We checked the goods by eye looks soda flakes normal , but after check 2 days later we found that the flakes are melting. We took sample to the Lab . We found the goods are 40% purity instead of 99% .
I try to contact her by WhatsApp she doesn’t answer , sent her a mail she said that they never got similar feedback and will investigate then disappeared gain. I try contact her by phone she not answer , soon she will change another number and continue cheating ppl .
I have lost around 36000$ from this scam .
Tel:+86 371 5518 1157
Fax:+86 371 8615 7108
Mobile Phone:+8618937640718

Sales Contract: Ms. Grace
Mobile Phone:+8618937640718
Sales Contract: Ms. Amily
Mobile Phone:+8617737180289
What’s APP/Wechat: +8617737180289

Please be careful from this supplier they looks professional but they are cheating.

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Zhengzhou Allis Chemical Co.,Ltd
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