Yongkang Tianyi Co., Ltd. (永康添易有限公司)

I signed a contract on behalf of my US client and placed the order. After 3rd party inspection (V-Trust) the factory contacted the US customer directly and arranged direct payment of the 60% balance to the factory direct. I was circumvented/excluded. I have not been compensated for my quality management and guidance on this intricate product that the blacklisted factory took 12 months to complete. Black listed factory has no experience in manufacturing to international standards and submitted multiple sub standard samples. The blacklisted factory claimed to have export/international experience and provided international customer names yet lack of basic housekeeping showed hairs and dirty fingerprints embedded in coated product surfaces and unfinished edges and multiple scratches and marks on glossy surfaces. Blacklisted company needed a lot of training to understand the full implication of ‘following a buyer’s sample’ provided. Severe incompetence of the blacklisted company resulted in a painful 12 months lead time of re-doing and machinery break down and mold damage – and after all the guiding and hard work from myself to meet international standards – the factory circumvents my intermediate company in China (THE EXPORTER) that signed the contract with the factory – and demands direct payment!!!!! This is FRAUD !!!

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Yongkang Tianyi Co., Ltd. (永康添易有限公司)
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