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Hi, there, it’s unbearable for me to meet such kind of supplier. A waste of money and time. Bad craft, rough skill, and rude words. You can’t imagine what surprise is waiting for you. I was told, at the beginning, when I place the order, that this will be finished and decorated as my request. Then, several days later, they told me the color is not available because of small difference. I can understand. Tiny color difference is ok for me. So, I agreed. After a long time waiting, about 50 days, they told me, a worker is injured during production, the lead time will be 90 days. This is not what I can accept, and I told him to finish my work in time. Thank goodness! They didn’t give me surprise again. But, you will never know what will happen in future. Right the time shipping, they told me, because of the hurricane, the shipping date will be 14 days delay. What?! Ok….Ok…as long as you can send me the product, I can wait. After 147 days waiting, I got my beerbike. Yet, when I drive it on road, the chain screwed together, and the axle is broken. I took 30 photos but here I can only adhere 2 of them. I asked them why this bad quality can send to me, and I wait so long.
They didn’t reply my phone, my email, and block me probably. This is a disaster!

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Xiaoxian Bestar E-Business Co Ltd
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