Xian Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

This company is not quite a fraud, but they could still cheat you nicely.

We bought 90% rice protein from Nutragreenlife before and it was fine. Last time, however, they shipped us 80% protein instead. These are different product grades both price-wise and quality-wise.

We had the goods tested by a state-run laboratory, but the seller refused to accept the result claiming that it was due to the test method. We offered to send back a sample for testing in China – if they were to cover the costs should the test prove the same. They also refused. So I raised a dispute in Alibaba’s complaint center, and the seller became more willing to pay a small compensation. What they offered was simply inadequate to the difference in price and the problems we faced.

Much to our dismay, Alibaba closed the dispute because it was filed later than 30 days from the FOB shipment date. This shipment was made over land and could not have arrived by that time, not to mention the lab test that took several days.

Sellers like this should be reported lest they ship sand for ingredients next time.

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Xian Nutragreenlife Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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