Xian Huisun BioTech Co Ltd

Xian Huisun BioTech Co Ltd,They offered slightly below market rates for the products we needed. It seemed too good to be true. We purchased sample, they passed analysis. We made an order of $14100. The products they sent us were not what we ordered. We spent an additional $1000 identifying them as an antibiotic and anti parasitic drug. We confronted them and they said maybe our test methods are wrong (they weren’t wrong before!).

We showed them the spectra that matched medications and they showed us a spectra they found online by googling (we found it on another website and it was for a different product). They do not know chemistry but they do know how to lie, cheat and steal.

They stopped responding to us not long after.

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Xian Huisun BioTech Co Ltd
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