Wuxi Kzon Steel Co Ltd

The company caused us great financial loss due to the partial default of the first purchase and the total failure of the second purchase.

First buy

Galvanized steel tubes: we bought 1948 units and 1305 units arrived; missing balance 643 units

Second buy

Stainless steel bars, it is requested to manufacture 8000 sets of this product at a total value of US 91,203.13, where it is deposited on February 1, 2021, US 83503,13, and on March 3, 2021, the value of the sea freight is deposited by US 7700.

They told us that it would take approximately 45 days to have this product, every time we asked them they kept extending the delivery date saying that their supplier was taking too long; until they tell us that this supplier disappeared and that they would continue looking for other suppliers for this product, after 2 months of this they do not want to return the money and do not give explanations either.

You send me an agreement to pay all the debt.

They tell me that they want to give me compensation for all the bank interest paid.

They want me to sign an agreement where they pay me US $ 10,000 and my company forgets all debt!!!

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Wuxi Kzon Steel Co Ltd
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