Wuhan Hengheda Pharm Co., Ltd. (hhdpharm)

This supplier advertised on Alibaba at https://hhdpharm.en.alibaba.com/ and on their own website http://www.hhdpharm.com

We received the smaller sample order of fullerene and it appeared to be ok. The representative, Ms Zhang, assured us everything will be fine and encouraged us to proceed with our much larger second order. When we finally received the larger order, it did not exactly match the first smaller sample order on initial inspection (slightly different texture, grain, smell). Subsequent investigations indicated it was basically ground up charcoal and that we were cleverly scammed. They were very communicative and then ghosted us. Please stay away from these scammers!

Website http://www.hhdpharm.com
Telephone +86-27-84888681
Email hhdpharm@hotmail.com

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Wuhan Hengheda Pharm Co., Ltd. (hhdpharm)
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