Weifang Derano Plastic Products Co Ltd

Weifang Derano Plastic Products Co Ltd,We would like to complain and reveal behavior of Weifang Derano Plastic Products Co.,Ltd. operated by Ms.Jessie Zhao. Here is their website:www.derano.com
We bought ziplock bags from this company as trail order for 50 cartons. They shipped out and received full payment from us. Later on our customer found that the products are unusable and break at the lip for 36 cartons.
Our customer would like to return this defective goods to factory and get a refund included inspection charge occurred.

Sinc we informed Weifang Derano about this quality problem, they said they are too busy to reply us and soon they don’t respond to us anymore. We as a middle man has to pay this claim to our customer to show our sincerity.

At the same time, this factory shows us non responsibility and unsincere to customers. We think this is bad for Chinese reputation and we cannot let them cheat more people again.

Kindly consider our complain and do necessary action you can in order to stop this factory not to cheat any one more. Thank you very much for your understanding and further action to save more people from this cheating company.

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Weifang Derano Plastic Products Co Ltd
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