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No.6 Wang Kwun Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong
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Brandon Ho / Sales Manager
Tel: 852-3971-0984  /  Fax: 852-3971-0985
Mobile: 852-6387-9885
skype: brandon.vinch

Wilson LI / Finance and Sales Manager in China

We purchased from Vinch Technology Samsung Memory (KMQE60013M-B318T) 8K on April 9th.
After purchasing 8K in the original vacuum packing state, it was delivered to the customer.
The customer produced 2K in Korea and the remaining 6K was delivered to a Vietnamese manufacturer.
All 2K products produced in Korea have been shipped completely (additional claims will be made in case of a problem in the future).
The remaining 6K was produced at the Vietnam factory for approximately 1K, and a lot of errors occurred during production, and the cause was identified.
It turned out to be regenerated. Even with the naked eye, the memory defect is clearly visible.
We did not check the actual product because it was vacuum-packed and delivered to the customer.
We urgently received a return and requested it to a domestic test lab, so it was a remanufactured product.
Therefore, we shared the Test Report with Vinch Technology.
We set up a line in Vietnam and purchased additional items and replaced them entirely.
Vinch Technology will accept a return if we remove what is in the PCBA.
I received the product from Vietnam, removed it, and returned it.
After removing, the remaining pcba is in our current state.

At first, they kept saying the wrong thing over and over that they were not at fault.
Obviously, we also shared data…
So, since we went out strongly, we received a refund saying that we would only refund the returned quantity.

I sent a threatening e-mail as if I would never return anything.
We also received a remittance for the returned item first because the total amount was large.

Due to this, the cost of claiming from the customer was quite high.
Therefore, we shared the claim history received from the customer with Vinch Technology and made several e-mail requests on how to handle it.

It is a situation that Vinch Technology cannot do anything about the claim.
We have offered to discuss the cost of the claim and deal with it, but there is no reply at all.
Stock companies and IC sales companies also negotiate as much as possible when a problem occurs to reduce damage to each other, and Vinch Technology is a company that has no answer.

“If you are buying or selling the product and are not responsible for any problems, who will buy it???
We hope that you should pay attention and pay attention to it as it may cause problems like we do when dealing with a company under the above.”

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