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Triangle Construction Machinery co Ltd,Hefei Scams,China Machinery blacklist,Anhui frauds.
We have all the documentation proving including photos that you put up on machinery zone ,proforma invoices,payment from our bank to your bank of a total of $30,000,and a bill of lading where you purported to have shipped a 140G and as we now realise,with a fake serial number.

You are ofcourse aware that the grader that you sent to kenya was not a caterpillar grader as it had a FAW engine and all serial and markings had been removed from that machine.

I would like to assure you that we are going to use every legal, diplomatic(government) means to expose you and protect other unknowing companies from being conned by yourselves and triangle machinery. We would rather spend hundreds of thousands of dollars in service of others who you intend to con.

Anders,we have put attachments to you. We have some emails we will forward again. These are the people who use credible sites to con unsuspecting companies.

I have used a secondary email as we realized that my other email address that I previously used to communicate to them has been blocked by themselves.i am sure they will block this immediately they receive this.

We are also proceeding to write to the bank that received the funds in china to inform them that they are being used to commit fraud and asking them to report this incidence.

We have also appointed lawyers in china to follow up on our behalf and prosecute to the fullest.

The Chinese embassy in kenya has also been informed.

Contact person: Mr. Jack Wong
Tel:+86-551 66670102
Postcode:233000Skype: jack.chen9012
1007#,Fortune Plaza,Jin Yuan Rd.Hefei Anhui Province China

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Triangle Construction Machinery co.,Ltd
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