We have ordered 2 full containers of solar panels together for around 100 000USD. One full of 280w ones and the other full of 320w solar panels. Half of the panels arrived damaged and with manufacturing defects. TPL Solar said they can replace some for free when we order from them again. We picked random 5x 320w panels and sent them to a laboratory for technical analysis. It turns out that all of them had manufacturing defects and all of them were 280w not 320w. We paid for 320w panels but we recieved 280w panels. When confronted about it, they did not respond and after 3 emails, they blocked my email address.

My colleague has chosen this company because she saw that some companies have been selling their brand of panels in Europe. She thought that if other companies are dealing with them, they should be trustworthy. In reality, when I checked their unified social credit code on the website of the Ministry of Commerce of China, it turns out that they are using the code of a different company from a totaly different province. So it may be even difficult to set up a legal case against them if do not have the official code of the company. The address also seems fake.

You always have to do due dilligence. Check the Chinese company social credit code in the Ministry of Commerce database. Also make sure to sign a contract with the company that specificaly states what are you buying and what happens when they breach the contract.

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