I was searching a factory specialized in manufacturing of stainless steel U bended pipes for heat exchangers in China, i found many companies and i got many offers, but i found a great difficulty especially in credibility with most of them, and despite my contract with an intermediary office in China of a Lybian friend who engaged a chineese employee, the latter advised me TISCO INDUSTRIAL CO LTD in TIANJIN and told me that it is a famous company in China, we contracted with this company on the basis of providing samples within 4 to 5 days and paying 10.000 USD because they need to prepare molds, if samples match the required specifications, we complete the rest of the advance payment (30%) and they will manufactur the entire order within 15 to 20 days, if not they turn back our money.
However, 5 days passed and they asked us for another week, so we were forced to agree, and despite this, they didn’t respect the deadline, and we had a difficulty even to contact them, they read our whatsapp messages and they don’t reply
When we asked them to return money, they said to the representative of the mediator that they will not return the money and we can complain them.

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