Tianjin Yichengtong Steel Trade Co., Ltd

In my second purchase from this company; we had a delayed penalty in the contract and also we sign a contract based on EURO/Kg. they had more than 3 months delay in supply the material and they evade paying the delay penalty. it is no matter want it is mentioned in the contract; they will sign but never will follow.

They also supplied materials with lower thickness and weight, and they provided the Packing list with fake net and gross weight (higher than they actually delivered material- lower than requested material). For example for stainless steel with 10mm thickness, they delivered a plate of 9.4 mm; but got the money for 10 mm. Totally they got about 10% more money than what they have delivered.

We forgive them for the delay penalty but asked them to pay back the extra money they got from us. When we claimed to get our money back; they evade and decide not to pay it back. They are saying that they will compensate it later after several new orders; which is not acceptable for us. They destroyed our trust.

Unfortunately, till now they don’t decide to satisfy us.

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Tianjin Yichengtong Steel Trade Co., Ltd
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