Through this complaint, I’d like to mention the fraud comitted by SINCERE COOPERATION MATERIAL LIMITED, also known as ZHENG ZHOU FLYHIGH COMMERCIAL CO LTD. or HENAN BRIGHT COMERCIAL, with a 25 tons order.
We closed an order for Polyopropylene 100% virgin, total 26 tons, and paid accordingly to the payment method dealt on early May. Samples were sent and the product was completely approved by the client, so, immediately we closed and paid for the order. After 5 months of production and transportation of one full 40′ Container, we finally got the product and it is entirely different than Polypropylene and it’s not even similar to the samples we received. It was proven not to be the plastic Polypropylene since it does not burn – and it’s supposed to, and the color and texture is different. Everything is different than our actual order and the product we paid for.
Almost $50,000.00 US dollars were invested on this order. My client is frustrated and so is my company and colleagues. I do not have the intention of ever closing business and another deal with Sincere Cooperation again, and just now that we have been cheated, I checked and realized that I’m not the first company that was fooled by Sincere, since this company it’s listed as fraud blacklist in different websites. Please be aware before making business with this company.

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