Sibiti Corporation Group

Sibiti Corporation Group,SIBITI Corp,Canada SCAM,His Mobile numbers +16478900476, telephone number+14168480246 and Skype gmack202 and email The blacklist of his company should be on google search engine for others awareness.

Godefroy Mackita with address above and with a Canadian passport number GG941849 age 51 years old.. We have signed a contract together agreements fully seal which he said he was a Mandate, and he was never a Mandate only lied to me. When it was the date for we to proceed with our business, he started telling me different stories, after wasting my time, and allowed me to go and pay money into the bank. And he never responded anymore.

Proper due diligence should be carried out before going into signing of contract with any company

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Sibiti Corporation Group
The Latest Safety Purchase Guide & Tips:
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