Shenzhen Xinghuo LED Tech Limited

Shenzhen Xinghuo LED Tech Limited,The company (Xinghuo) was found as a potential supplier of lights for our stores in Belarus (Megatop, largest retailer for shoes). The cooperation started, it was not smooth, but acceptable: the shipments were always delayed, the prices raised, but the tested quality was always good. We fixed the warranty period signing a contract, and that was when the cooperation hit the wall: the factory (Xinghuo) received our claim saying that after 2 years of the 3-year warranty, most of our lights died. The factory requested samples, analyzed them, found no reason for the issue, then started ignoring our contacts. I tried to contact them a dozen of times over 2 months, which resulted in a partial refund (around 15% of the defective lights), and then the factory stopped all conversations calling the buyers stupid people to farewell. The major contacts at the factory were a family, John Zuo (founder) and Caron Zhang (sales manager).

Xinghuo Led Tech Limited
Landwind Industrial Zone, Tangtou Avenue,Shiyan,Bao’an,Shenzhen,Guangdong

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Shenzhen Xinghuo LED Tech Limited
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