ShenZhen F.L.Y International Ltd

ShenZhen F.L.Y International,Ltd.
Add: 1F, Building 6, Baoxianghe Industrial Park, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen
Contact person ;Ramond 邹援(备注客户名)
There have this company address and person wechat scan short.. This person and THIS company are a scammer company.. And this chines man name is Raymond and this company is fly international logistics company ltd.
Please be careful dont Trust them and dont give them any products for freight /shipping and money..Because they are scammer company.. They will cheat with your money and products.. And after CHEAT with that’s they just wasting your Time business product and money Both.

My dear all Chinese friend and brother if anyone know this company main boss and he/she contact number or Wechat account so please help me for give it.

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ShenZhen F.L.Y International Ltd
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