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Shanghai Tongjie Image Production Co Ltd,Shanghai Fraud,Fujian SCAMS
We ordered wall arrow signs from this supplier. According to the agreed conditions, written bilingual contract and sample, there were two kinds of arrows – left and right. However, the delivered arrows where all right sided.

After the supplier refused to send correct signs, we suggested a compromise solution – to provide us with stickers to cover the mistake. However, even with this solution the supplier required us to pay “half price” of the stickers (which was actually 100%) of their market value. Even during the sticker production, there were multiple issues and misunderstanding requiring continued checks and corrections. Moreover, despite our requirements, the supplier didn’t bother labeling the boxes (as there were 8 kinds of stickers) after packing so all the goods had to be repacked at our premises.

Overall, this supplier pays very little attention to your requirements and detail. The communication is troublesome and mistakes are made constantly. Moreover, the solution of the problems and mistakes on the side of the supplier would cost you extra effort and money.
Very disappointing experience.

Shanghai Tongjie Image Production Co Ltd


Address:No. 1650, Laifang Rd, Jiuting Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai 201615, China, Shanghai,Fujian Province,China

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Shanghai Tongjie Image Production Co Ltd
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