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Shandong Kunda Steel Co., Ltd – BE CAREFUL, SCAMMERS!!

Unfortunately, we are forced to leave a review about our negative experience in doing business with company Shandong Kunda Steel Co., Ltd, China.


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contact persons: Mrs. Chairy Shi – international sales director and Mr. Jiang Yang – CEO of the company.

This company is positioning itself as a reliable manufacturer and a supplier of steel products. We signed a Contract for the supply of stainless steel pipes with them in February 2019. After the receiving of the 100% prepayment for the first lot of goods, the seller has informed us about the triple increasing of the goods value and offered to buy goods at a new price or to return the paid amount. In addition, he informed us that his company is not a manufacturer of the goods, though earlier he confirmed that his company is a manufacturer of the goods by e-mail and signed the Contract in which his company was indicated as a manufacturer. Of course, we asked to return the prepayment back, but thus far, we did not receive a cent. Mrs. Chairy Shi has recently informed us that she does not work in company Shandong Kunda Steel Co., Ltd anymore. However, her contact information is still mentioned in all information resources.

Mr. Jiang Yang promised us to settle the situation and return the prepayment for a long stretch of time, but he still has not fulfilled his obligations and has not indicated the actual terms for their implementation.

All mentioned above make it clear that the representatives of the company Shandong Kunda Steel Co., Ltd are dishonest and dishonorable. I’m afraid that we are faced with scammers and swindlers. We strongly discourage you from entering into any deals with this company and making payments to them, so that you do not become their next victims.

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Shandong Kunda Steel Co Ltd
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