Shandong Daguang Chemical Co Ltd

In August 2017 we ordered l-Lysine from Shandong Da Guang Chemicals Co Ltd,Total invoice value is 22000USD,After signing the contract and registrated it in Bank we sent the 100% prepay.
After that we visited the company in Jinan by ourselves, met the director, her name is Rena, chinese name we dont know as her name card is in English ( Rena, General Manager
Add:NO.88 Industry North Road,Jinan,Shandong,Province,China/

We discussed everything at their office, the delivery date was confirmes as 2nd of Octobet 2017.

They didnt sent us any goods and refused to return money, Now it is more that half of the year passed and we every day try to call them, no answer.

We are trying to serch for a juridical help in China and make an official procedure.
Dear Shandong Da Guang Chemicals Co Ltd CEO, if you see this claim, please do you beat to return our money
Seller:Shandong Daguang Chemical Co Ltd
Address:No. 88 Industry North Road, Jinan, Shandong, China

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Shandong Daguang Chemical Co Ltd
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