Shandong Dadao Chemicals Co.,Ltd

Shandong Dadao Chemicals Co.,Ltd,This China frauds&scams company was the first to send us an e-mail. We asked them for more information about their company.
And we discussed the terms of cooperation.
After we signed the contract by email and sent them an advance payment of $ 21,720.
They had to ship the goods 7 to 10 days after receiving the advance. In early July, they sent us pictures of the loaded goods, container numbers and booking numbers for the container on the ship. But after a while, they reported that additional check is required by customs authorities and they can’t send freight. We agreed to wait a while. But it took three months, the goods they never sent.
We demanded to return the advance payment, to which we received a message about the impossibility of returning the advance and the desire to send the goods. For the past 9 months, we have been in correspondence with them with the requirement to return our money.
They ignore our demands. Do not return the down payment and do not send us the goods.

Shandong Dadao Chemicals Co.,Ltd
  Contact : Ms Li
  Tel: +86-538-8580117
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Shandong Dadao Chemicals Co.,Ltd
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