Shandong Da Guang Chemicals Co Ltd

Shandong Da Guang Chemicals Co Ltd,the big China Scammer,Chinese Fraud company,This Bad supplier have agreed to sell us a Chemical product Named Lithium Chloride 1000 Kgs and asked for a deposit of 5.3 / Kg i.e US # 5300- prior to shipment of cargo, Which we arranged on 11th Sep 2017, After receiving this deposit they are continuously avoiding our and our shipping agents calls and not giving any proper shipment schedule which was decided to be done before Chinese new year holidays in late September, Now despite several calls and communications it seems that they are not either willing to ship as the rates are gone up nor returning our deposit back.
Shandong Daguang Chemical Co. Ltd.
Address:Licheng District of Ji’nan City,shandong Province,China.

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Shandong Da Guang Chemicals Co Ltd
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