Rizhao Kalai Trade Co Ltd

Everyone shoud be careful with these company.They are totally scammer!!!!
They created other companies name to cheat buyers
When you order products from them, they will deliver you garbage,take your money and run away

Rizhao Kalai Trade Co., Ltd.
Xiangjiazhuang village, Shandong Road,
Donggang District, Rizhao city,
Shandong province, China

TEL: 17166148047
MOBILE: 86-17166148047
EMAIL: sale@rzkalai.com sale(AT)rzkalai.com
WEBSITE: http://www.kalai-plastic.com
Contact: Miya
Whatsapp: +86-15632344235
Email: kalaisales5@rzkalai.com kalaisales5(AT)rzkalai.com

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Rizhao Kalai Trade Co Ltd
The Latest Safety purchasing Guide & Tips:
These lessons tell us don't rush to buy from China Suppliers without due diligence!
Step 1:Order a Supplier Verification Report before you sign contracts or payments,
Step 2:It's better hire a China Sourcing Agent to help you handle all Chinese affairs.

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