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I have ordered and payed for two ready assembled and tested Diesel powered compressors Type Hongwuhuan W3128 from the Company Quzhou Able Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.. Both compressors never have been tested for sure. No smell of Diesel in the fuel tanks and both engines were not fixed.

When I unpacked them I have seen immediately that the belts are not tightened and the Diesel engines were not fixed. So I took a compressor mechanic to help me. We found out that it was not possible to tighten the engine bolts as they were stuck to the engine. Our contact told us that we should simply shorten these screws, but said that the compressors had been tested. With not tightened screws ??

Order Date: 2019-02-15 06:56:14
Order Number: 10955790001025242
Payment date Feb. 25, 2019, 02:56:55 PST
BL number : AMIGL190077224A
Invoice number : 20190309

There followed more attempts on my part to bring the seller to the refund, but unfortunately unsuccessful.

I brought both compressors last Thursday to a compressor workshop – kaeser representative –
This list of mistakes I got today seems already close to fraud .

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Quzhou Able Machinery Equipment Co Ltd
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