Qingdao Yishichang Import Export Co Ltd

Qingdao Yishichang Import Export Co Ltd,Qingdao Scammers,Be aware of this Fraud Company,Never trading with QINIGDAO YISHICHANG IMP & EXP CO LTD,You will be definitely scammed.

Our Company is located in Armenia. We are dealing with all types of Foils. Our experience in the market is over 5 years and this is the first time we have faced such a problem. We always buy from China and there was no fail up to now.

I have contacted QINIGDAO YISHICHANG IMP & EXP CO LTD in November 2017. We have agreed about the price and they have sent me the Pro-Forma Invoice and Sales Contract For USD 12150. They requested us to pay the full amount up front and then they promised to send the product within 5 days from the shipment. After payment, QINIGDAO YISHICHANG IMP & EXP CO LTD never sent the product. After multiple calls and promises we have never received neither the product nor the refund. Next month our representatives are going to visit Qingdao Public Security Beaurue as well as the Chamber of Commerce to report about this case.

Company:Qingdao Yishichang Import and Export Co.,Ltd
Telephone:+86 0532 80994130
Fax:+86 0532 80994130
Address:NO.443,Yangtze River East Road,Huangdao District,Qinigdao City,Shandong,China

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Qingdao Yishichang Import Export Co Ltd
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