Qingdao Taoda Paper Industry Co., Ltd

Be careful this China Bad Supplier:Qingdao Taoda Paper Industry Co.,Ltd,USD Account:ALITAEY GROUP CO.,LIMITED.Chinese Fraudster:Liu Baoli,Mob:13863981151

Details are as follows:
The end of February this year in the international Alibaba to find Qingdao Taoda Paper Industry Co., Ltd, under the 4 cabinets of offset paper orders, start business. In June {(the delivery was greatly delayed (Proforma Invoice was delivered in 25-30 days)}, the factory reported a net weight of 75.96 tonnes while the actual shipments were 71.97 tonnes. About 4 tons of fake money (3200 dollars look like).

I would like to find Alibaba for help, because I was found on the international Alibaba supplier, I hope Alibaba can help me get justice. However, Alibaba’s handling is very surprising. I want a list of suppliers who have not come for months, and when Alibaba processes it, the supplier gives it up immediately. However, the data on the supplier’s shipping slips is compared with the number of packages they have previously given to the loading container. It is obvious to the naked eye that the shipping document is forged. Alibaba has nothing to ignore this evidence. Instead, I asked the client to provide a 1-to-1 photo of all the 4 cabinets (4 cabinets, 144 Torr, and at that time, more than a month had passed since the customer’s complaint was over and some of the goods were sold. The customer was very angry.) Complaint Conclusion: Let me negotiate with the supplier myself. Both my client and I were mad at me, and I came to find you Alibaba because of the mediation. Alibaba this treatment, no wonder will result in more and more frantic liar. Answering Alibaba you only know to protect your God of Wealth? As everyone knows, there is no buyer, how do you make a fortune?

I have mail records, as well as the customs clearance orders, loading pictures) enough to prove his liar behavior.

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Qingdao Taoda Paper Industry Co., Ltd
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