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I used Alibaba to find a factory to manufacture my company’s newly developed machine. I visited the supplier SOSN and I sent my construction details. SOSN then uploaded photos of the machine and photos of myself with the machine to Alibaba to sell the machine directly to my clients.

My company has developed a hydraulic skateboard press, that can press almost all sizes of skateboard and longboard decks faster, more comfortably and without heating. Month of research was spent on designing the machine according to the German machinery safety requirements. However the research costs were ok, considering our new position as the only supplier of affordable, fast running skateboard presses according to EU safety standards.

I found Qingdao SOSN Machinery Co Ltd on Alibaba when looking for similar hydraulic presses. On Alibaba this factory offered hydraulic door presses, so I believed they could become my supplier for the newly developed skateboard press.

Through Alibaba I met Tracy (sosn1@sosnmachinery.com). Tracy seemed trustworthy so I sent her a rough overview of my machinery requirements.

The offered price was acceptable and after agreeing on having SOSN as our new machinery supplier, I sent Tracy a summary on all machinery details. A work my company has spent months on.

After my payment I had difficulties reaching Tracy. Months went by and I received many excuses, such as “I was on a trade show”, “I was on holidays”…. I thought the payment was lost.
Xiaowang Jiazhuang,Yanghe Town,Jiaozhou,Shandong,China

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Qingdao SOSN Machinery Co Ltd
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