Qingdao Oriental Shimano Import Export Co Ltd

I flew to China in December 2019 to see the quality for myself. I was there for 3 days and was picked up from the hotel every day to discuss all the details. I was convinced of the quality on-site because they had a couple of exhibition trailers. We have discussed everything that the trailer should go to Germany and that it must meet the European standard. No problem at all, since you have already delivered to Europe several times, you would know what has to be installed. Then it came to the purchase agreement, where I paid 50% down in December so that I could start right away. They had the money on their account but it wasn’t started right away, that was the first time I got angry. the trailer should be ready for shipping in mid-February. then came corona and work stood still for the time being (ok, nobody could see that beforehand). Then in the middle of February, the building should start again for about 6 weeks, then it would have been ready for shipping at the end of March at the beginning of April. it wasn’t finished until the beginning of June, more than 2 months later than the agreed time. then he arrived in Germany in the middle of July. I could not believe my eyes. the quality of the trailer in china and what was delivered are worlds apart. the only thing that was delivered to Europa confirm was the also landing gear.

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Qingdao Oriental Shimano Import Export Co Ltd
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