Qingdao Maivi Chemicals Co. Ltd

Qingdao Maivi Chemicals Co. Ltd,This fraud company cheated Italian customer of USD11000,China Qingdao chemical Scammers.
Company name: Qingdao Maivi Chemicals Co. Ltd
Registration number: 370205230037972
Registered address: Room 303, Unit 2, Block 4, No. 26 Chongqing South Road, Qingdao,
Name of Legal Representative: Tan Rui Bo
Registered capital: RMB 100,000
Paid-in capital: RMB 100,000
Date of establishment: April 12, 2011, operation till: Nov 11, 2111
Business scope: wholesale of chemical industrial products, chemical industrial raw material (excluding dangerous products); import and export of goods and technology.
Tel: 86-532-83753819 / Fax: 86-532-83753869,MOB:15373909726

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Qingdao Maivi Chemicals Co. Ltd
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