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We lodge a complaint against a company called Qingdao Chemetals Industries Co Ltd which has refused to release original shipping documents for our subsequent clearance of cargo in port, Douala Cameroon(We were delivering the cargo to United Nations in the Central African Republic)

Kindly note that we have paid all the dues /all the amount as per the invoice amount.

The issues arose when the company sent us a fraudulent bill of lading in May indicating that they have shipped the cargo. However, upon verifying with the Maersk shipping line we were advised that that bill of lading didn’t exist in their system nor match any cargo to Cameroon. It should be noted that this fraudulent act happened after having requested the company many times to speed up manufacturing. They lied to us severally of finishing dates and therefore we halted our payments because we were already convinced something was amiss

In September the company shared the correct bill of lading and we therefrom arranged for payment of the balance amount and since then the company has declined to provide us with the original shipping documents including the bill of lading so that we can clear the cargo from Port Douala in Cameroon and our client(United Nations) is incurring storage costs every day. The company is feigning losses due to late payment which itself occasioned by providing the wrong bill of lading with which we couldn’t verify shipment of cargo our client, United Nations, is facing delays in its programs which are of emergency nature.
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Qingdao Chemetals Industries Co., Ltd
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