Phora Nekretnine

Phora Nekretnine,Down payment fraud.
PHORA – nekretnine- Igor Tripalo
My Name Is Jacov Tal,I want to update you with a scam that happened to me in 2014 by my professional crook
Mr. Igor Tripalo Date of birth 26/02/1972
With the help of the gang that detects potential victims:
1. Mr: Bakhtadze David Date of birth: 04/05/1965 Holding a Georgian passport
2. Mr: Tamaz Petrikachvili Date of birth: 18/06/1969 Holding a Georgian passport
fraud me by sending my cousin to convince me that they are a company that helps to get credit from the bank for a project financing and showed me MT 760 (which turned out to be fake)
Invited me to Zagreb Croatia several times(i live in Israel)on hotel flights and expenses over EUR 60,000 which include the down payment requested to prepare document MT-760
They asked to transfer 70,000 EURO for paperwork, I moved 35,500 EURO and concluded that after the loan approval I would give another 35,000 EURO
Since they received the money from me and also two other victims, they disappeared and did not answer phones or emails.

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Phora Nekretnine
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