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I received approximetely ten offers from the chinese suppliers. About half of them agreed to share samples for research purposes. One of them was Pangoo. Company was represented by the person named Ming Hsu/Ming Xu. Also there was a contact thru Alibaba platform with the other representave Jack Cui, only thing was strange he contacted to me from Pangoo Biotech Hebei Co Ltd and at the same time from Pangoo International Limited (now both profiles on Alibaba named as angoo Biotech Hebei Co Ltd).

So finally Ming assured me that Pangoo International Limited and Pangoo Biotech Hebei Co Ltd are affilated companies, Pangoo International Limited for sales and Pangoo Biotech Hebei Co Ltd for production. We agreed the pricing level, volumes, and signed the contract accordingly. There were no issues while placing the order, realise of production and organization of logistics.

The first troubles has happened by arrival to St. Petersburg seaport, customs found that quality/veterinary documents issued with Pangoo International Limited and bags are marked as Pangoo Biotech Hebei Co Ltd. So they didn’t accept to make a customs clearance procedure as according the registration in Russia customs clearance was possible only for Pangoo International Limited.

I’ve tried to discuss options with Ming to bring the shipment back to China, but he always tried to find a matter kinda: “I need to discuss with boss, I need to negociate with customs” and etc.

Finally our forwarder have found solution to bring the goods on territory of Russia, I cannot describe how, but they actually did it. Physically received goods were kinda the same as Choline Chloride 60% we’re usually byuing from the other suppliers.

BUT HERE COMES THE SECOND AND THE MOST SERIOUS TROUBLES. We iniciated research procedure with Cargill of Russia, and surprise was that there is no Choline Chloride inside. Corn cob like it should be, soda and salt instead of CC/B4. We checked all the batches, all same even proportion in each bag. MEANS THAT PANGOO BUSINESS IS INDUSTRIAL-SCALE PRODUCTION OF FAKE CHOLINE CHLORIDE. And you won’t be able to identify fake without modern laboratory research. And seems they are doing it succefully, selling FAKE over the world, cuz accordingly export statistics they issied more than 50 Bill of Landings for a year.

I Think some of their clients still don’t what they bought isn’t Choline Cloride actually. Of cuz we gonna ban them accordingly, and also this data report will be reflected in database of Cargill.

AS YOU CAN SEE, IT’S QUIET LONG STORY. But consequnces are well know, if you see PANGOO BRAND, don’t even think to buy it, as it looks similar quiet safe for consumtion and feeding, BUT IT’S PURE FAKE.

I also tried to discuss the compensation with representatives of Pangoo, they are always playing fool kinda: “It should be of the same quality as specified in Certificate of Analisys”, “It cannot be”, “I wil check what we can offer” and etc.

NO MORE PANGOO and suppliers from HEBEI provience, THNX.
Take care also about their parther and lawyers who work in that provience, such a people like Sun Baoguo (CCPIT Hebei), / , as they just help such kinda of cheater with all the possible risks.

Here are some contact details:
Pangoo Biotech Hebei Co., Ltd. / Pangoo International Limited and etc.
Phone: 86-317-8585023, 86-317-8585021
Mobile: 86-139-31786829, 86-157-32788092 / /

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Pangoo Biotech Hebei Co., Ltd. / Pangoo International Limited
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