OSMAN (XiaMen) Garments Co.,Ltd

OSMAN (XIAMEN) Garments Co.,Ltd,Be carefull this bad Chinese garment supplier,the Fraud supplier info as follow:
China bad supplier,China frauds:
Company name:OSMAN (XIAMEN) Garments Co.,Ltd. 欧斯曼(厦门)服饰制造有限公司
Address:3th And 5 th floor, No.36 Jinqiu Industrial Park. Heshan street, Huli District, Xiamen,China
Tel: 0086-13599913435
Contact Person: JIMDY WU

Our Mexico client delegated us to perform inspection service for this supplier, the purchase order (reference the attached stamped PO) indicated that the Vendor has to pay all of the inspection fee. Our client was paid 100% of amount to OSMAN(XIAMEN) Garments 2 months ago, but they has been terminated any cooperation with OSMAN(XIAMEN) Garments due to they was very disappointed with this supplier for some reason.
The total inspection fee is usd 540. We have been contacted the supplier many times about the payment, but they still not reply any e-mail and not paid. We supposed that OSMAN(XIAMEN) Garments was breach of contract and refused to pay us.

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OSMAN (XiaMen) Garments Co.,Ltd
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