Natwarintorn Limited Partnership

I saw some dewalt tools at a good price, so I contacted Natwarintorn Sirinitchakul and asked about the product. They asked me to talk on WhatsApp, I do so because they were a gold star member on Alibaba which means somewhat safe, but that is no longer the fact. I agreed to purchase three units with shipping for $680 and sent the money through money gram. I asked if there were any other fees, they said no that was all. They sent me a shipping label showing the product being shipped. day or two later I was contacted by them saying that I had a VAT charge at the port for $410 and that it was refundable. They said send the money to them and they would pay the fee and get it refunded and send it back to me. At that point I knew it was a scam, I said you don’t need me to send you money just pay it yourself and you get the refund. They said I had to pay it, I said NO and told them that the agreement was to the front door not the port. They said to send the money or no product. I told them no and to refund the money. Soon afterwards they disappeared from Alibaba.

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Natwarintorn Limited Partnership
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