Mingche Era (Tianjin) Automobile Sales Company Limited

I had placed an advert on Alibaba for purchase of a tipper (dump) truck and was in the process of completing an order with my preferred company when the CEO of the above company (Ms Anastasia Liu) contacted me and offered a price that was cheaper than the original company I was dealing with. I explained that I wanted a truck which was not more than 4 years old and with an odometer of not more than 40k miles. In effect, I wanted a truck which was at least, in very good condition and in our negotiations, the CEO (Anastasia Liu) promised to deliver such a truck. The company had claimed on its website to be the largest used vehicle trading company in China and that they had an annual turnover of between US$ 50 million and US$ 50 million, so I trusted them to deliver. I was charged CIF price of US$ 19,300 for the transaction and I transferred the amount to the company. The vehicle was to be shipped to Ghana.
I eventually cleared the vehicle from the port on the 27th of January 2021 but was shocked to realise the very poor state of the vehicle. The vehicle looked very old, rusted in many parts, overused and generally not roadworthy. One of the people at the port commented that it looked like a vehicle brought out of the scrapyard and just painted over. Checks by mechanics indicated that the truck was an accident vehicle. Although, the mechanics are unable to determine the exact age of the truck, they feel it cannot be newer that 2009/2010.
I complained to the company and threatened to report the matter to Alibaba but the CEO pleaded with me to agree an amicable resolution without Alibaba’s involvement. She asked me to proceed with repairs and promised to pay for the repairs. She also promised compensation. She asked for my bank account details in order to make an initial compensation payment but several weeks after receiving the bank details, claimed she could not pay because her finance manager had gone on maternity leave. The CEO has now stopped responding to my messages. After almost 7 moths of work on the truck, including replacement of many parts, the vehicle is still not in a fit state. Photos, videos, copy of invoice and screenshots of several WhatsApp messages are available as evidence.
The scammer’s details are as follows:
Website: https://mink-atuo.en.alibaba.com
Address: 17 Floor, Xiangluowan Zheshang Building, Tianjin, China
Email address: admin@auto-mink.com
Phone number: 008615202213580

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Mingche Era (Tianjin) Automobile Sales Company Limited
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