Kynix Semiconductor Limited

We made a purchase order of ICs to Kynix Semiconductor Hongkong limited, for some items they agreed to purchase directly from Digikey.

The value of the order from Digikey was above USD 1,000.

We made the full amount paid upfront after receiving the invoice from them. When we asked for proof of their purchase from Digikey, they sent us two fake invoices which are attached to this message. Both of them have the same tracking# while they have different dates of shipment. Moreover, when we checked the tracking number on the FedEx website, we found out it is for Feb. 2020 (attached) while our order was made on Aug. 2020. They were cheating us in this way and we made sure that they are providing the ICs from sources other than Digikey, as we agreed.

When we communicated with them (through Skype, ID: sales-kynix, a guy named Shawn) and asked for a refund, first he accepted, but the day after that he said his bo

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Kynix Semiconductor Limited
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