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Ordered late model low hour (2400H) machine in good working condition to be freighted on a 20’’ container to receive 1990 model in poor condition, dismantled and damaged in shipping box container. Serial factory plate removed and altered numbers punched on chassis. Machine also dirty, electric wire dead, front arm broke, oil leak in every parts, which resulted in hefty cleaning fees before cleared customs before we could see machine. Yan Melissa sales consultant I was dealing with when dark and unable to get hold of either by email or phone. Machine is not worth fixing and is only scrap value in it’s present state, now have to hire someone to do the jobs machine was going to do. Company not listed on site Machineryzone.fr and others European used equipment site.


Address:No. 3888, South Hongmei Road, Shanghai, 200241, China
Tel: +86-18701974650
Fax: +86-2134553938
Mobile: +86-18701974650
E-mail: js_machinery@hotmail.com

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Jinsheng Construction Machinery Co.,Ltd
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