Jinjiang Jiaxing Import Export Co Ltd

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After Pay deposit they increase price 120% and refuse to return deposit.
They push me to accept business conditions and did not provide help to solve the problem, I lose 60% of my deposit and they don’t accept any responsibility.. They made a wrong business with their supplier using my money and ask me accept their conditions, with high price more then the market.
Add: No.98# JiaXing Building,Xingban Industrial Area, Jinjiang,Fujian,362200,China
Contact: Andy&Peter
Tel: 86-595-88156338
Fax: 86-595-88157338
Mobile: 86-13860778887
Company E-Mail: jiaxing@jiaxing-groups.com
Marketing E-mail: loveclogs@gmail.com
Manager Email: peterunibest@vip.163.com
Peter MSN : loveclogs@hotmail.com
Andy MSN: loveclog@hotmail.com
Yahoo: jiaxingwear  Skype: jiaxingwear

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Jinjiang Jiaxing Import Export Co Ltd
The Latest Safety Purchase Guide & Tips:
These lessons tell us don't rush to buy from Suppliers without due diligence!
Step 1:Order the Supplier Verification before you sign contracts or payments,
Step 2:It's better hire the Sourcing Agent to help you handle all buying affairs.

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