Jinan yuansheng Import ans export co Ltd

Fraudulent company,They are scamers all the names phone # and documents to prove it.
Also the company Shandong baijuyuang import and export co ltd
They are owned by the some person Guo Bingzhuo
This was the deposit made,They got the down payment and never send my goods.


agent Alisa
email globalbusiness888@126.com
phone 8619905423909BENEFICIARY:GuoBingzhuo

1/MENDES PERES INDUSTRIAL LTDA ME 2/RUA ITAMAR RAUL MENDES 30 3/BR/MATOZINHOS 53B: Sender’s Correspondent – Location 2000192282323 57A: Account With Institution BKCHCNBJ51B 59 : Beneficiary Customer 232537555888
1/JINAN YUANSHENG IMPORT AND EXPORT 1/CO LTD 3/CN 70.: Remittance Information /RFB/JNYS190318 71A: Details of Charges SHA
The person names Alisa present herself like a rep for the company
she use the email
phone 86199 05423909

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Jinan yuansheng Import ans export co
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