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I have made contact with this company Ench from alibaba portal. A seller called Christine offer to me a Chemical organic intermediate. She send me the COA and a NMR spectra of the product.

After made the payment this same seller don’t send me the product. About a month in a great war with her, finally she send me tracking number to receive.

When I could finally to get the material, the visual and smelling characteristics was completely different than expected.
The first trial was make a thin layer chromatography to compare an original sample with the product sent.

In 8 different solvents composition the RF of the 2 samples was completely different.
To complete the analysis I have made the NMR H1 and C13 spectrum and the product that sent me was totally different than I have payed.

So this company was scammed me sending another product totally different from the original. The COA and the NMR spectra that they are sended to me was fake.

I have payed for the promised product and they sent to me a fake product.
Any efforts to recover my money or receive the true product was ignored. They insist that I accept the wrong product.

These are the home page

User Suggestion:Don’t believe in Gold companies from alibaba.com

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Jinan Ench Import Export Co Ltd
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