Jiangsu Dingyida Special Steels Co., Ltd

We have been ripped off by Jiangsu Dingyida Special Steels in the amount of $15000 including shipping. We received rusty rubbish scrap metal with no explanation in what went wrong after 2 months. Our phone calls are never answered and no solution to the problem. I have been dealing with Tony Lee the so called Sales Manager who promised me a quality product and a garrantee. All lies! This is a scam company. They also have other company names like Null Hydraulics. We found them on Alibaba. We were told they will do third party quality check, photo’s and video of progress. We got nothing of the sort, We received 1 photo which is not what we received. Please BEWARE of this unprofessional company and do not believe what they say to you. It is a SCAM. They are not a manufacturer.
Their contact details are,
77 Huicheng Ave, Wuxi, Jiansu, China
Tel +8613348118881
Office +8651083800881

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Jiangsu Dingyida Special Steels Co., Ltd
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  1. Thanks for the information. I was about to contact them for a large amount of stainless steel and I found this site when researching them on Google.

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