Infinity Electronics HK

Do further due-diligence before purchasing (i.e., references and previous customer contact references and check with the foreign governments on scamming reports).

On 12/15 we sourced this company as a distributor of electronic components. On 12/16 we received a quote and engaged in a purchase contract by giving the company a PO. On that day, we received their proforma invoice and on that day, payment was remitted. We were told the order would ship in 2-3 business days and after several attempts in trying to obtain tracking, no response has been provided by the seller. We also tried to call them several times.

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Infinity Electronics HK
The Latest Safety Purchase Guide & Tips:
These lessons tell us don't rush to buy from Suppliers without due diligence!
Step 1:Order the Supplier Verification before you sign contracts or payments,
Step 2:It's better hire the Sourcing Agent to help you handle all buying affairs.

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