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I’ve looked for the supplier of Finger Monkey (interactive toy) on th The supplier was there – HK Gold Tech. We;ve discussed everything by e-mail and Skype. Anna (sales manager sent me video, pictures, instruction manuals for the product). Everything was OK. We’ve ordered 4992 pcs (18969,6USD)!!!!!

Before shipment Anna had sent me the pictures of our export cartons and pictures of UNREAL products. We’ve paid them. I asked to make the shipment by our partner-forwarder. They didn’t like it but agreed. Yesterday we’ve got the cargo. It’s the worst quality of goods I’ve ever seen. We import toys and electronics from China for 16 years already! Monkey should have 6 functions, to blink its eyes and a lot of other functions. In fact we’ve got another monkeys – another appearance and NO FUNCTIONS at all!!! What is more – the plastic is of VERY BAD quality. A lot of defects! A lot of broken plastic. Blisters are extremely bad too. So there is no way to sell these goods. The supplier lied us! They’ve sent us wrong pictures and video. Now I can’t reach the supplier by e-mail or by phone. They are disappeared.
HK Gold Tech Co Ltd,Gold Tech Co Ltd,Sysway Electronic Technology Co Ltd
No.951,Zhiwuyuan Road,Nanyue Community,Longgang District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China

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HK Gold Tech Co Ltd
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