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Henan Huaquan Water Supply Materials General Factory,On 13/2/2019, one Mr. Gary Wei (+86 151 3846 9487) contacted me, claiming he was from Henan Huaquan (http://www.huaquangroup.com/index.html) and had received my inquiries regarding prices on Poly Aluminum Chloride (PAC) (presumably from Made-In-China.com). They offered us an acceptable price for their product and agreed to send us a sample, which was of acceptable quality, but there was a slight problem of it being too brown (which will become important later on), and too coarse. So I asked him if it was possible to make the powder finer, the color more yellow (which I admit, is partly our fault for not foreseeing this) while maintaining the price – he agreed. It is from here that things went wrong. Firstly, when he made the contract, he put my name (an employee) as buyer (instead of the company’s name), which gave us a hint on their company’s unprofessional ethics. After this, he continually screwed up on the contract with stupid mistakes, having to remake the contract several times. On the contract, we agreed to buy a full container (23MT) with pellets at added costs and payment term of 50% TT in advance promising that they had a lot of experience exporting and that everything was to be ok. We also inquire them to make a FORM E for tax purposes at additional costs, which both side agreed.

We bargained with them and told them even though it was absolutely their fault, for the sake of cooperation, let both side share the costs together, to which they claimed to agree and promised they will transfer 50% of the additional costs later. We were hoping that the worst was over, but the shipment arrived, and more trouble came with it. The product, as ‘promised’, was finer, more yellow, and the tested quality appeared to be the same. However, appeared as though the color yellow was added into the original product to make it appear more yellow (not because of the improved quality like the usual cases), and after usage would leave a very yellow, murky water completely defeating the purpose of PAC (which is to treat water) making the container unusable. The FORM E which we paid them to make used the wrong code which only applied to China while our country required a different code (we asked a different Chinese supplier and that was what they told us), which they should have known since they claimed to be exporting experts, making the FORM E unusable as well. When we contact them asking about the situation, they completely ignored our messages, and as a cherry on top, no ‘shared costs’ amount were transferred to us.

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