Henan Honlu Machinery Equipment Co Ltd

I have never seen their poor quality in my whole life!
Doors don’t fit, cupboards and other materials appear to have been cut with a pair of scissors. Roof leaking!Dents everywhere inside (not from shipping). They sent the wrong wheels and fitted an electrical outlet plug instead of an inlet plug. All this electronically and the walking place inside and the hood, water tank, waste tank, propane line just like a plastic line.

They have no idea of quality whatsoever, but still, we know this don’t we. I was lied to at every step of the transaction, especially about shipping costs. I would never consider doing business with these people again.

Please look at they post their fake 5star reviews! They advertise nice trailers but send you a piece of Crap! They say everything must have happened during shipment & it’s not their responsibility! A huge dent/crease or fold on the back part of the trailer. A/c unit that doesn’t work! Be care! Henan Honlu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd are SCAMMERS. After they get your money they act like they don’t speak English anymore & pretend like they don’t understand. I’ll upload more videos and pictures today!

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Henan Honlu Machinery Equipment Co Ltd
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