Hebei Shengli Lai Import Export Trade Co Ltd

We contacted Hebei Shengli Lai since 2019. Our representative met them in person, talked t them, and visited their claimed warehouse. Everything seems normal at the beginning. They look like a normal and professional company.

After we met them and feel that they are genuine, we signed contracts with them for copper wire and they made shipments for us even before we pay them money. Our representative was witnessing the loading process, but unfortunately, when we receive the container at the destination port, the goods inside the container were switched with rocks instead of copper. This case happens not only on the first contract, but it also happened on the second contract.

We made lots of money for a deposit and also 100% payment for the first shipment. Until this post was made, they have not to refund us our money according to the refund agreement between our company.

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Hebei Shengli Lai Import Export Trade Co Ltd
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