Hebei Lier Import Export Trade Co Ltd

I ordered goods from the supplier Hebei Lier Import Export Trade Co Ltd regularly in the begining,he told me that the goods were ready and I booked the largest container for transport in it should have been 80% kids car 20% shower panels from another supplier, only the goods that arrived were shower panels and 80% of container was empty where I had to pay additional extra costs, the supplier Hebei Lier told me that the blue sky campaign had entered the force and that he would not be able to produce my goods, and during that time I successfully made a new order from a company that runs the same program as Hebei Lier, and that company is only few kilometers far from them, so I realized it was a scam.

Hebei Lier Import Export Trade Co Ltd
ADD:Zhongshan East Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

This Hebei Lier scamer was on Chinese Made in China website, and agents from that website removed and banned him from the site because they also found it to be a scam, this supplier does not want to answer my calls anymore and my e-mails for more than 7 months, because of that my company suffered great costs and great losses. On my questions when my goods will be ready or when they will return my money they replied, “We are glad you are okay”, I understood it as a provocation when they were called by my business partners from China to see what is the problem, owner of Hebei Lier yelled at my friends and told them that they were not concerned … I AM WARNING ALL CUSTOMERS THAT ITS ABOUT SCAMMERS

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Hebei Lier Import Export Trade Co Ltd
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