Hebei Langnuo Metal Material Sales Co Ltd

We had remitted 30 % – USD 13,200 for Copper Wire Scrap to the seller in China on 1 Apr 2019 but No goods, just delay in making various excuses and then we know Hebei Langnuo metal material sales co., ltd and Xingtai Chenglang import&export trading co.,ltd are same company under control of one person even different name, in addition i know many overseas buyers were cheated by them so far.

Buyer Recommendations:
Must check supplier previous background and finances.

1304,Unit 2,Building 11, Huadu Xiangyu Haoting, North Xinhua Road, Qiaodong,Xingtai,China

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Hebei Langnuo Metal Material Sales Co Ltd
The Latest Safety Purchase Guide & Tips:
These lessons tell us don't rush to buy from Suppliers without due diligence!
Step 1:Order the Supplier Verification before you sign contracts or payments,
Step 2:It's better hire the Sourcing Agent to help you handle all buying affairs.

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